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As a Suntara Member you will become part of a loving like minded community of caring souls. We share our live events together with Suntara and Special Guests in Suntara Sound Circle Private Facebook Group.

Life is such that we can’t always make it live but all recordings are saved to the group and are also put into Suntara TV which is a library of all of the sessions seperate from Facebook.

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We Gather Together as a Community to Share Experiences LIVE in SUNTARA SOUND CIRCLE 

Suntara Sound Circle is our private Facebook Group where this beautiful community gathers LIVE online. There are an abundance of sessions every month streamed to the Circle. It is an amazing space to gather with like minded people and share the experiences.

There are full-length Sound Healing Sessions and Rebirthing Breathwork Sessions from Suntara, Powerful Morning Routines to help you start the day right and sessions from outstanding special guests such as Nestor and Charlie Kornblum and John Dumas.  We hand select the best Sound Healers in the world to come and do sessions.

Most importantly of all it is just a beautiful, friendly, loving group of people that support each other.

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A Library of Transformational Experiences on SUNTARA TV

Life is such that we can’t always make it to the live sessions in Suntara Sound Circle or perhaps there is a specific session we feel that we need in the moment.  For that reason, not only all recordings are saved to the group but they are also put into Suntara TV.

Suntara TV is a library of all of the past sessions seperate from Facebook. I take each session from Suntara Sound Circle, improve the audio and put it in Suntara TV. 

Suntara TV is very well organised. It is categorised and has all of the Sound Healing Journeys, Breathwork Journeys, Morning Processes, Drumming Sessions, Voice Liberation, Special Healing Processes and more...

Content is updated weekly.

Bonus Online Course
"Liberate Your Voice"

For a limited time Suntara Membership comes with my acclaimed Online Course "Liberate Your Voice".

Whether you want to free your voice for singing or just speaking up in life this course will really help you.

We have a tonne of fun along the way as well!


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