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Sell out you Spiritual Events

Create a life doing what you love.  I will show you the best strategies to sell out your Spiritual Events both in person events and online.

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Hi my name is Suntara aka Daniel Coates

"I have personally tested these principles for over 200 Events.  Using the methods I teach in the course I have Sold Out my events in foreign countries where I didn't have a following. I have spent over $50,000 on Facebook Ads testing and refining the methods I teach. I have made all of the mistakes so that you don't have to. I created this course because I want other Spiritual Practitioners to be able to create an Abundant life doing what they love just like I have been able to"

"Suntara" Daniel Coates - Creator of How to Sell Your Spiritual Events

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Rufus made $5000 on his 5 Event Mini Tour with his Didgeridoo Sound Healings

If this only worked for me then there would be no point.  After only completing up to Module 4 of the training Rufus sold out all 5 Events on his Didgeridoo Mini Tour of Queensland, Australia

The Yoga and Spiritual Events Industry is growing at a Rapid Rate. Yoga, Sound Healing, Breathwork, Cacao Ceremonies just to name a few are literally exploding around the world right now!

The Yoga and Spiritual Events Industry is worth 84 Billion Dollars Worldwide and is growing every year.

There is so much opportunity to serve. People are waiting for you!

So why do less than 5% of Spiritual Facilitators ever successfully accomplish their dream of sharing their passion full time?

Here are a few of the reasons...

  • They don't believe they can do it.
  • They lack the confidence to put themselves out there and get started.
  • They believe that making money from Spiritual Events is "Not Spiritual".
  • They don't think they can give up their corporate or comfortable job because they won't make enough money from their Spiritual Events.
  • They don't know how to market their events.
  • They rely on friends and family to come to their events over and over again. It works a few times but is not a sustainable strategy.

  • They may be reasonably successful but they don't know how to expand their offerings to a level of making it a full-time gig.

If you are struggling to get out there with your Spiritual Events, I know how you feel,
I was there too.

When I started doing Spiritual Events I would set up 10 yoga mats and 1 person would turn up.  It was disappointing and disheartening. 

I had rent to pay and a young family to feed.  I drove Uber and cleaned houses to keep my dream alive until one day I was cleaning a toilet and literally broke down.  I went home to my wife and declared that I was going to make my events work.  I invested in training about online marketing.  I started to work it out. I started getting 80-120 people to my events!

That lead to a successful Australian tour with my events and a world tour. My wife and kids came with me and it was all sustained from my events.

The information I share with you in this course I learned first-hand from that journey.  I have done this and I am doing it.  I am not coming to you from theory.

I know your struggle because I have been there. I see you.

I have created How to Sell Your Spiritual Events because I really want to help you succeed! 

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Module 1


We spend a whole module helping you overcome the mental & emotional obstacles that have been blocking your success, possibly for many years. This will be the most important part of the entire training. 

We'll cover topics such as:

  • Why it's OK to earn money from your Spiritual Events
  • Habits of unsuccessful people and things they do to fail (so you can avoid this!) 
  • What motivates you - Your WHY.
  • Self-belief and how just starting is the single biggest step you can take.
  • Why it is important to be teachable.
  • How to get over "Excusitis"

and more...

Module 2


If you don't start now when will you start? We dive right in and get our first event booked. In this module we cover:

  • What is your offering? I offer you some guidance on deciding what event to offer so you are truly presenting from the place of heart and passion.
  • Book your first event! decide where, decide when, decide how long it will go for.  Let's do it!
  • Finding a suitable venue for your event and the best ways to communicate with them.
  • Pricing your event.
  • Leveraging Networks, the power of enthusiastic contacts with large networks.
  • Who would come to your event? starting to determine who your audience is.

Module 3


Before we can start to promote our events we need to create some accounts and start to build an online following.  In this module we cover:

  • How to set up a Facebook Business Page properly.
  • Set up Facebook Business Manager and Ads Manager
  • How to build "Social Proof" so that people take you seriously.
  • How to grow your Facebook Audience organically and through using Like Ads.
  • How to set up Eventbrite
  • How to set up Drip CRM

Module 4


This is where the rubber meets the road.  It is time to promote your event using Facebook Ads (done the proper way) and other methods.  Here's what we cover:

  •  Creating your event on Eventbrite and Facebook
  • How to create Facebook Custom and Lookalike Audiences (Very powerful!)
  • The best video or image to use for your event promotion.
  • How to create an ad for your event.
  • How to create a snowball effect and sell tickets
  • Email broadcast to promote an Event.

Module 5


Even though this course is about selling your events, here is a module about running your events.  Some tips and ideas I have found useful from 10 years of running Events:  In this module we cover:

  • Event Logistics: Going through some of the things you may need on the day such as chairs, yoga mats, props, a PA System etc
  • How to install the Eventbrite App.  The Eventbrite App is extremely useful for checking people in to the event on the day.
  • Checking in Attendees, how to keep track of who has arrived.
  • Event day flow, how to start and end your event.

Module 6


Merch can add hundreds or even a couple of thousand of dollars of revenue to your event. It is well worth learning how to do merch well.  What you will learn in this module:

  •  The types of merch that tend to sell well at Spiritual Events.
  • The power of Showbags.  How bundling products together is a huge win-win for you and your customer.
  • How I doubled the volume (and profits) of my merch sales at my events in the space of 12 months.
  • How to set up Square point of sale so you can easily take credit card sales at your events.
  • How to take credit card sales. I do a live demonstration.

Bonus Module 1


This bonus module alone is worth the whole price of this course and then some.  I break down for you step by step how I did 70K in ticket and merch sales from my last 6 week Australian Tour.  In this exciting module I reveal:

  • How to build a circuit, a collection of places that you keep going back to and building your audience.
  • The importance of "Upsell" events and how you can make double or triple the money in a weekend by running a standard event and a couple of half day upsell events.
  • How I made 14K in 4 Days from my events in Sydney alone.
  • Facebook ads for upsell events, private sessions and retreats.

Bonus Module 2


How I toured the world with wife and twins with my spiritual events and fully funded the whole trip from the proceeds of the events.  In this bonus module I give you an intimate look at our world tour and reveal the mistakes we made along the way and how we finally worked out how to be profitable on the road as a family with my events. We cover:

  • Why it is important to plan far ahead for international touring.
  • Why expensive countries are the best places to tour (hint: people have the money to buy tickets)
  • How we went from breaking even in the UK to making a profit in Ireland.
  • Why it is great to stay with people instead of hotels
  • "Fortune Favours the Bold" amazing stories of how we were helped along the way.
  • The advanced logistics of touring in foreign countries.

Bonus Module 3


I was never going to include this module but lo and behold while I was putting this course together Covid hit the world and I had to pivot and move all of my events online.  I came up with a great system to sell online events and make recurring income from creating a subscription.  In this module I cover:

  • How to create an "Online Venue" private Facebook Group
  • How to create an online event on Eventbrite and Facebook
  • How to add people in to your venue when they have bought a ticket.
  • Facebook Ads for Online Events
  • How to go live in your venue and run your online event.
  • Setting up subscriptions
  • Online event day flow
  • BONUS: How to get EPIC Sound on Facebook live (Especially for Sound Healers)

Bonus Module 4

"$10,000 in One Event with Daniel Pauro"

Daniel Pauro makes over 10K per event with his Breathwork Events. I interviewed him and he reveals exactly how he does it. Daniel has an incredible mindset!

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How to Sell Your Spiritual Events

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