and Healing with the 5 Elements
November 26th - December 2nd, 2023
Mimpi Menjangan Hot Springs Resort,
North West Bali

"Yin Breathwork (Rebirthing) is the best way that I know that can truly change someone permanently and at the deepest levels" - Suntara

About the Training

"Yin Breathwork (Rebirthing) is the best way that I know that can truly change someone permanently and at the deepest levels" - Suntara

Join Suntara (Daniel Coates) and his wife Rosarmy Ramirez Moreno for a Yin Breathwork Training that will result in a massive personal transformation for you.  The ripple effects will be felt through your health and wellbeing, family, relationships, community and ultimately the entire planet.

We dive very deep in this training, moving a tonne of energy, liberating blocks and negative emotional patterns from the body.  Once these blocks have been liberated, it enables us to experience life with much more freedom, joy, energy and fulfilment.  It allows us to move forward and step into our true path of sharing our gifts with the world.

This is based on the Training that Suntara (Daniel Coates) attended in 2005 that completely transformed his life and set him on the path as a successful musician and sound healer.

This training is designed in the legacy of Leonard Orr, the founder and father of Rebirthing, honouring his vision for the transformation of humanity.  Once you have completed this training and the 6 month certification process you will be able to carry on this work across the globe giving the gift of Yin Breathwork and assisting in the raising of  human consciousness.

Rebirthing Breathwork also known as conscious breathing or energy breathing is learning to breathe from breath itself. It is the practice of allowing spirit - the breath of life - to breathe us. Daily conscious breathing makes our life easier and infinitely more pleasurable and healthy. Ultimately Breath is life, it is even more important than what we eat and drink. It is the power of consciousness for healing, relaxation, energy and peace.

You will experience many sessions of Yin Breathwork (Rebirthing) during the 7 days and will learn how to capably and confidently facilitate Yin Breathwork (Rebirthing) sessions for others.  At this training Yin Breathwork will be experienced and taught within the larger holistic framework of Spiritual Purification with the 5 Elements.  Yin Breathwork is a powerful therapy from the element of “Air” but you will also experience the power of the other elements i.e. Fire Ceremony and Purification (Fire Element), Bathing in the Hot Springs (Water), Time in Nature, Intermittent fasting, Free Movement (Earth Element), Sound Healing, Voice Activation / Liberation, Kirtan (Ether Element) and much more…

Spaces are limited to only 15 committed individuals. Please note that this is an alcohol free, cigarette free, phone free training.

Format of the Training

  • 7 Days Face to Face
  • 6 Month Empowered Certification Process with Mentorship from Suntara


  • Hosted at the Incredible Ocean-side Hot Springs Resort Mimpi Menjangan Resort.
  • Using Sound Healing with Rebirthing Breathwork
  • Opening Fire Ceremony (Fire Element)
  • Rebirthing Sound Healing (Air and Ether Elements)
  • Using Bodywork with Rebirthing
  • Yin Yoga
  • Voice Liberation

About Yin Breathwork

Yin Breathwork is a gentle and transformative approach to breathwork that is deeply rooted in Leonard Orr’s Rebirthing Breathwork.

Founded by Daniel Coates “Suntara” and his wife Rosarmy Ramirez Moreno, This practice underscores the importance of gentleness and incorporates trauma-informed methods, offering a safe and inclusive space for individuals to cultivate self-awareness, personal growth, and healing.

Through deep relaxation and intuitive breathing, practitioners learn to surrender to their breath’s natural rhythm. Unlike some breathwork styles that can be forceful or intense, Yin Breathwork encourages a gentle, allowing approach. By focusing on the breath’s natural flow, individuals can connect more deeply with their inner selves, fostering a greater understanding of their emotions, thoughts, and spiritual well-being.

About Suntara - Daniel Coates

Suntara is one of the worlds leading Sound Healers and Rebirthers. Suntara means “Bringing Light to the Earth” and that is his soul intention with his Sound Healing, Music and Rebirthing.  He is on a Global mission of clearing and Moving Life Energy using the power of Sound and Breath. Suntara was trained as a Rebirther in 2005 by Leonard Orr, the father and founder of the Global Rebirthing Breathwork Movement. Since then Suntara has taken thousands of people through Rebirthing Sessions both individually an in groups. Suntara pioneered what he calls “Moving Life Energy” a potent fusion of Rebirthing Breathwork and Sound Healing.

Suntara says: “I literally became a different person after that training. My life was never the same and I would not be living this amazing fulfilling life that I live travelling the world with my family as a Sound Healer and Rebirther if it wasn’t for Leonard Orr and his teachings"

About Rosarmy Ramirez Moreno

Rosarmy is the co-founder of Yin Breathwork with her husband Suntara.  With 17 years of experience herself, Rosarmy is passionate about the transformational power of Yin Breathwork.  

Rosarmy brings grounding and joy to the training with her Yin Yoga sessions and exhilarating Latin Inspired movement sessions.

The Venue

Mimpi Menjangan Hot Springs Resort
Pejarakan, North West Bali
(3.5 Hours from Bali Airport)
A Stunning Hot Springs Resort right on the ocean.  This is the perfect place to learn breathwork in the context of the 5 elements, especially water.  The deeply relaxing effects of the hot pools enhance and support every aspect of the experience.

Don't miss this AMAZING opportunity to study Rebirthing in the context of the 5 Elements and at a Hot Springs Resort!

Training Investment:


Includes Tuition, Single (Not Shared) Accomodation in a Villa with your own Hot Spring, All Meals and 6 Month Empowered Certification Program.

Please note:
Breakfast and Lunch will be LIGHT so as not to interfere with the Rebirthing Sessions.  If you eat too much you may have more of a tendency to fall asleep in your sessions which is not good!
Dinner will always be substantial.

Day 3 is a FASTING Day. This is OPTIONAL but Recommended.  There will still be fruit on offer if you don't want to fast.  We will break the fast around 4pm

The 6 month Certification Program is quite straight forward. The requirements are that when you go home you find 3 people who would like to receive 10 sessions of Yin Breathwork or 6 people who wish to receive 5 sessions or any combination that adds up to 30 practice sessions.  If you want to do this in less than 6 months that is ok too.  During the period of certification you will be very well supported via a WhatsApp group and also directly with Daniel and Rosarmy.

If you are interested in this training or want to register please contact Suntara (Daniel Coates) to set up a Phone Call. 
Contact WhatsApp: +61 425 425 390
or email: [email protected]


Aaria Clair
(Australia August 2020 Training)

In 2020 I attended Suntara -Daniel Coates' Rebirthing Breathwork training and words really can’t explain what happened to me.  Breathwork has completely changed my life and the lives of my clients. Life is just ‘different’ now, I’m different. If you’ve ever met Daniel (Suntara) in person you’ll know that his energy is infectious. He doesn’t teach in ‘text book’ ways, he channels! And let’s be honest, Daniel could teach me how to dice a tomato and it would be transformational LOL. It’s who he is, he transforms lives with his work. The Rebirthing Breathwork training with Daniel gave me skills for life. The container he created felt safe, i cried and released layers and layers of suppressed emotion and felt held through every moment. This training isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s raw. It’s real. And I know it will be a catalyst in your life, just like it was in mine.

Jane Dunlop
(Bali May 2022 Training)

Everyone on earth should do this course. We would heal in no time. I would not recommend any self development, healing or spiritual course more than this one. Through gentle Rebirthing Breathwork you surrender into the breath and something beyond your physical self takes over. Your soul and god are directly in charge of your healing. You tap into the innate wisdom of the healer within you and it is profound. You also have the opportunity to hold space for others to do the same. Rebirthing Breathwork gives us the space to move and transform negative energy blocks within our system and cultivates our ability to love and serve. Daniel is a Master at what he does. He is humble, fun, normal, intuitive, informative, loving & safe. His sound healing transports you into another realm whilst remaining extremely grounded. I feel excited for you who embark on this training.

Jane Dunlop. Lawyer & Social Enterprise Leader/CEO.

Naomi Watters
(Australia August 2020 Training)

My Reset, my Rebirth, my Ultra Cleanse, my fresh new eyes for life all were achieved by experiencing the Rebirthing Breathwork Retreat with the lovely Suntara (Daniel Coates) 2020. There are no perfect words to describe the magnitude of this experience. The stripping back of unwanted conditional layers, light being shone on parts of me which used to lie in the shadows, a sense of complete rebirth back to the core of me. Experiencing not only a re set, I laid and danced in the up most blissful states, reconnecting with angelic realms. Such a gentle yet powerful healing modality that I am forever grateful for to have shared with Suntara and our lovely group. With a hand on my heart, I would highly recommend this journey for the ones ready to step forward and re gain control of their life. Big love

Charlie Hanna
(Australia August 2020 Training)

Suntara's Breathwork training changed the trajectory of my life. I was teaching yoga and a student of psychology and always felt as though there was something missing in my supporting people to make real change. Learning from Suntara the mechanics of Rebirthing Breathwork has allowed me to help countless clients shift through emotional and physical blocks. The training incorporated working with the medicine of the elements which are now a ritualistic part of my own self care. As a teacher, he delivers his wisdom through downloads from the founder of Rebirthing, Leonard Orr and through his own personal stories which bring humour and relatability into everything he shares. I was so activated after the first 5 day intensive, that I joined the next one days later which really supported my integration. I am deeply grateful for this training. It gave me potent tools to support people on their journey of healing and it allowed me to integrate my own healing. It also connected me to likeminded community who have become my family.
Thank you Suntara

Jo McIneiry
(Australia Aug 2020 & Bali May 2022 Trainings)

I totally loved rebirthing breathwork practitioner training with Suntara. Not only did I get an in-depth taste of the power of rebirthing breathwork to completely transform my life, I also got to spend 5 days in glorious nature, with like-minded people and some really wonderful activities, especially the fasting/fire-tending day… powerful! Suntara is really approachable and generously shared his skills and experience with the group. I loved hearing him share stories about how the practice has changed his life, and that has since inspired me to make changes in my own life - so much so that I am joining his next training… because rebirthing breathwork is epic, and once was not enough!

James Dandoulis
(Australia April 2020 Training)

Against all the odds on very beginning of the supposed pandemic, i followed my heart and took the risk and journeyed from Melbourne to Sunshine Coast with 2 other Warriors to meet Daniel and his wonderful crew for the very first Rebirthing Breathwork training. all flights had been canceled and we were told that we couldn’t cross borders, but the Heart new. Little did I know just how deep this training sent me deep into the path of purpose. Endless laughter, countless tears, instant soul connection with an abundance of joy. This training wasn’t about just learning new modalities, great healing took place for me here, in which I’m truly grateful for. I basically left this training levitating, I was so light and full of bliss, which integrated so smoothly. Thank you Daniel for such a life guiding experience. I Highly recommended this journey Big love & blessings James - Elysium Phoenix Healing

Jacob Hibbard
(Australia April 2020 Training)

Waking up early in the morning , I breathed the fresh crisp air. I hear the birds and stillness of my surroundings, and I begin to connect to the elements of air, fire,earth and water. Through the element of fire I connected with my spirit, my reason for being here. Through Earth: I found grounding and ancient friendships. Water: I dived deep into my emotion. Air/breath: I felt freedom, light as a feather, untethered and detached. Every aspect of my being went through deep integration on this training. This training is not for the faint hearted, you will be tested, but Daniel is like no other facilitator, he has such a high capacity to embody wisdom, strength, compassion, joy, freedom, and intelligence all at once, so you can be properly guided through such an experience. You won’t regret it.

Mat Smith
(Australia April 2020 Training)

I am blessed to have been apart of Suntara's first group of Rebirthing Facilitator trainings back in 2020. The immersive 10 day course that he had set out for us was nothing short of magical. Integrating the elements within his teachings and the curriculum allowed us to safely explore, experience and let go of so many layers in such a short time as well as the experience to hold that same space for others. Daniel has a wealth of knowledge and he is willing to share that. I left Suntara's Facilitator training that day a different person and with a practice that has led the last two years of my life. Ten of us came and met as strangers, became friends but left as family.

Mindy Jay
(Australia August 2020 Training)

Joining Suntara's Rebirthing Breathwork Program was one of the best decisions I've ever made. This professional training was instrumental in giving me the knowledge, hands on experience and confidence to set up my own practice. Over five incredible days, we took a deep dive into breathwork theory and practices coupled with plenty of time for practice, self care practices and some down-time for integration. Daniel (Suntara) is a great teacher, mentor and inspiration, and his sense of humour and joy was contagious. Not only did I learn heaps, I made some incredible connections, friends and had a great time doing it! I would highly recommend this training for anyone wanting to learn safe breathwork practices. It was life changing for me and for my clients.

Leisa Kelly
(Bali May 2022 Training)

The Rebirthing Breathwork training with Suntara was amazing, as was the retreat centre, the food and the beautiful mix of souls that came together. Daniel is an amazing facilitator and space holder and shows genuine care and gentleness for everyone. He is extremely generous and enthusiastic. I highly recommend this training to anyone interested in delving deeper into their own healing journey as well as learning a new modality.

Charlie Hindle
(Australia Aug 2020 & Bali May 2022 Trainings)

It’s hard to put into words how grateful I am for having met Suntara and for being able to learn from him. I could write pages about how much I gained from the experience and how different I am as a person after doing this training, but it comes down to this: If I could recommend just one thing to do if you want to change your life - this is it. It is incredible and powerful, and you will never look back.

Scott Berry
(Bali March 2023 Training)

My experience at Suntara Rebirthing with Daniel and his family was absolutely incredible and life changing. I have never felt so held by such a beautiful family.

Daniel is a great instructor and teacher. During the breathwork sessions I felt so held and safe I was able to just let go and drop so deep into my subconscious which took me so deep into my traumas that the releases I had were so incredibly life changing that words can’t explain.

This must of happened on 4 occasions all due to the way Daniel his family and facilitators held space along with his amazing voice and musical instruments which added to the whole experience.

Alison Morris
(Bali May 2023 Training)

I attended Daniel's Rebirthing Breathwork training at Mimpi Springs in May 2023.

I am a clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist who also own a Yoga studio in Sydney NSW.

I have been having one on one rebirthing sessions with Daniel over the period of the last 7 years. I have known Daniel for nearly 30 years.

It has taken me 5 years to actually do his training. Life just kept getting in the way, or so I thought.

I now know that it was the PERFECT time for me to complete this training.

The training, and the process itself, are life changing. Daniel provided a safe and judgement free environment to learn and process what emotions are being released during the 7 days.

But it is after the 7 days where the magic starts to happen. When we come back to the reality of life. Family, work, stressors. That is when we start to notice the subtle changes. The way you interact with others and the negative thought patterns seem to have diminished.

I can not wait to start sharing this gift with others.

I learnt a lot about myself on this training the most important this was that I am OKAY as who I am.

Thanks Daniel!

Caroline Haynes
(Bali Sept 2022 Training)

The space that Dan and Rosarmy hold is nothing short of magic, as are the surrounds of Mimpi as a venue. They serve to alchemise the nature of the training and support the processes. The union of breath, body and mind are supported with an immersion in the elements here, the peace of the location and the minerals of the hot springs an escape and reset on every level.

After exploring many styles of breathwork and harnessing the power of the breath through pranayama and freediving for two decades I have found a practise that is intuitive and powerful, that I was held in and created space for powerful shifts and perspective change.

Dan is a seasoned facilitator, a realist and interdisciplinarian, present to the needs of each individual and the group. He is a powerful educator and space holder. The resources delivered in the training and opportunities for continued education and support are second to none.

I can’t recommend more highly that you to take the leap into a transformative week that will have far reaching ripples in all areas of your life . .

Ashton Jayne
(Australia Nov 2022 Training)

I was blessed and privileged to be at the rebirthing breathwork training in November 2022

I didn't know what to expect at first, but My heart and soul knew I needed to be there.

Daniel - Suntara has such an incredible gift, he took me on a journey that showed me who I was. the people he attracted there felt like home, like I already knew them! It was special and even thinking about it now I cry.

Until that moment, I had never felt peace, never felt spacious or calm in the way I do now.

It was a complete transformation for me. I'd been determined  to step more into my feminine and it moved me towards that space.


Forever grateful for Daniel, Rosarmy and the team for showing me another side to myself I shied away from for my entire life.

Love you guys xx

Alana Brennan
(Bali Spetember 2022 Training)

I meet Daniel seven years ago at my first one on one Rebirthing session in Cronulla, Australia. I was amazed by the power of the gentle rebirthing breath!

I attended Daniel’s training in September 2022 for my own personal development. The training was transformative and I am now living with purpose and supporting others through rebirthing breathwork session.

Since my training four of my friends have attending Daniel’s Rebirthing breathwork training and have all had life changing transformations including two friends who experience PTSD.

You don’t just say goodbye at the end of the training….Daniel has built a community of rebirthers all over the world that support each other and we share our learning experiences to support our clients.


Dean Paten
(Australia November 2022 Training)

I attended Suntara’s rebirthing training in November 2022 on the beautiful Sunshine Coast Australia.

From the moment I arrive the energy and vibe was just so welcoming, inviting, calm and peaceful. Meeting new people that have become beautiful friends and settling into the amazing surroundings of the property.

The teachings, delivery, safe and gentle process has exceeded my expectations massively. The food was next level, prepared with passion and love and so nutritious ❤️

Who would of thought I’d come to learn and amazing modality to guide and assist others to heal and in the process heal areas of myself. Win win

Forever grateful to Daniel, Rosarmy and the crew for their encouragement, love and support through the training.

I can say that I’m a changed man for the better from the teachings, my learnings, my experience and friendships I have been blessed to gather along this life changing journey.

Emma Blake
(Australia November 2022 Training)

Day 4 truly elevated me and my life. As much as I was so ready for Suntara’s Rebirthing Breathwork Training and was open to all that may come up for me throughout the 6 days, nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced on Day 4. To get to a place of feeling unconditional love for myself through breath and realising that all this time I had been seeking that feeling externally when the entire time it was already within my heart, no words can describe that moment. Suntara, Rosarmy and their team facilitate and hold space in their training from a place of kindness, gentleness, truth and nurturing.

I highly recommend anyone considering training to be a Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator to just do it, it won’t only change your life, it will also allow you to guide others in changing their lives.

Lauren Elassad
(Bali March 2023 Training)

My week in Bali with Suntara for Rebirthing Breathwork training was easily one of the most incredible experiences.

From the first day, I felt at home. Daniel, his family and the entire group left me speechless at how supported and loved I could feel. I laughed endlessly, danced, sang, found my breath in a whole new way, connected to my body and nature and had truly so many profound experiences diving into unhealed wounds.

Daniel has created the perfect schedule for the training, offering enough time for competence in the practice, space for yourself and space for fun.

I left feeling free, confident and passionate to be able to share all of the tools I had learnt. I am so incredibly grateful for Daniel, his family and the amazing souls I met through this experience.

I would recommend to every single person💕 looking forward to further learning with Suntara in the future 🥰

Sandra Gil Martinez
(September 2022 Training)

My training with Suntara was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career, not only  for the outcome but for the whole process itself.

There is something in Rebirthing that I didn’t find in other therapies, something that brings you further and connects body, spirit and mind all together with gentleness.

Daniel is very experienced and truly passionate about the magic of Rebirthing and I felt that love and authenticity during the whole training. He is just genuine, funny, humble and very approachable, what made me connect at first sight. Was a life changing experience for me and I highly recommend it to everyone who is curious about what happen when we give time and space to our inner-self.

Besides the breath and learnings, the location, the food,  the like-minded people I met and all the love Daniel, his family and the assistants gave us made me leave the training full of joy and gratitude!

Hope you all have the opportunity to join and leave with the same feeling.

Lulu Sharma
(Bali Sept 2022 Training)

I was undergoing a training in other forms of Breathwork, and Daniel was bought in to hold a Rebirthing session in our final week. I had had big releases and some interesting experiences so far, but nothing could have prepared me for Rebirthing.

That one session opened me up in ways beyond what words can explain; the energetic cleanse, the tangible energetic upgrade. Spirit breathing me, connecting in total alignment with my Higher Self, receiving clear downloads, visions and messages. All while Daniel held the space so gently, so lovingly, so powerfully.

His voice and instruments catalysed my whole journey that day. Fate would have it that he was holding his Rebirthing training the following week!!! I booked right on, no doubts in my mind. Mimpi Resort is heaven on Earth, what a gift to have stayed there. And in Daniel’s one week training I learned more about holding space in Breathwork journeys for others than I had in all other space holding training prior.

Having the opportunity to protect the space of a person undergoing Rebirthing, in the delights of Bali’s most perfect nature, under Daniel’s wise care and gentle guidance, was life-transforming. I came back different, and I haven’t looked back since.

I truly believe this Breathwork altered my energetic blueprint in a permanent way. Old patterns, behaviours and cycles I was locked in before are a thing of the past now. The visions I received through Rebirthing have all come into fruition (including becoming pregnant soon after the training after years of trying!!) and are evolving still. The connection to spirit has remained unwavered. What I love most about Daniel and his training is how you feel you’re training with a friend.

The chats in-between, the openness, the easy connection. With his beautiful wife and special children too, the whole experience felt so loving and organic and real. This is the real deal, the real work, the real healing. And I am so grateful to Daniel for bringing this into my life - my life which has evolved so much because of Breathwork - and only wish I could Rebirth under his expertise every month!! He is the Rebirthing master and it is an honour to have been trained by him.

Katrina Ross
(Australia Nov 2022 Training)

I attended Suntara's Rebirthing Breathwork training in November 2022 on the Sunshine Coast. To say that this experience was life-changing is an understatement.

It is hard to put into words why it was so transformative. The people I met, the impeccable container that Daniel and Rosarmy held, the depth of knowledge and generosity that Daniel embodies, the beautiful location, the connection to the elements, and the amazing food and company of all the other participants.

I fell in love with the modality for the spirit of gentleness and how perfectly it compliments my Counselling practice. I come from a Social Work background and am studying psychotherepy. I feel passionate about weaving this modality into the therapeutic relationship as it bypasses "analysis paralysis" and the narratives that often keep people stuck and adds an important element to the holistic approach to healing that I want to offer.

The sound healing sessions were out of this world too, what comes through Daniel is medicine for the soul and his humble reverence is so inspiring. I bought some instruments as soon as I got home and the voice activation was also a highlight. I loved the training so much that I signed up for the follow up polarity therepy training in June 2023 in Bali because I was so impressed with another complimentary modality that was demonstrated during our training.

I had so much faith and Daniel and Rosarmy's integrity I just had to learn more. I have been gifted so many amazing tools to have in my therapist toolbox and made friends for life. I am excited to share all I have learnt with clients, family and friends and I love being part of the Suntara community.

The follow up support and guidance through his group chats has been invaluable. Daniel is always timely in his responses to questions and is actively engaged with his students long after the training is over. This training is for everyone whether you are curious about breathwork, interested in personal healing or want to make a career from it, you won't be disappointed!

Daniel and Rosarmy are two of the most beautiful people I am lucky to have met, they are making the world a better place by sharing these amazing modalities in such a humble and no BS way. You will come away with more than a rebirthing practitioner certificate, you will have a full heart and a nourished soul.