Polarity Therapy Bodywork
Level 1 Practitioner Training
June 11th - 17th, 2023
Mimpi Menjangan Hot Springs Resort,
North West Bali

"Find out where the energy is blocked"   "Running water clears itself"
- Dr Randolph Stone

About the Training

"He who contols his mind in all of its fields, controls the Universe" - Randolph Stone

Join Suntara (Daniel Coates) for a Polarity Therapy Training that will expower you to be able to help people with pain and disease using simple bodywork techniques. You will be able to use Polarity Therapy to enhance your Breathwork sessions, between sessions to help with integration or as a standalone treatment to help with specific ailments.  

Polarity Therapy is a holistic healing system that was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone in the mid-20th century. It is based on Ancient Knowledge, Sacred Geometry, Astrology and Ayurveda.

Polarity Therapy views the human body as a dynamic energy field that is interconnected with the natural world. Polarity Therapy seeks to balance the energy in the body by working with the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and ether.

In a typical Polarity Therapy session, the practitioner uses gentle touch and bodywork to stimulate the flow of energy and release blockages in the body. The therapy also involves lifestyle recommendations, dietary advice and Polarity Yoga to promote overall health and wellness.

Polarity Therapy is used to treat a wide range of conditions, including stress, tension, physical pain, and emotional imbalances. 

Suntara (Daniel Coates) Trained to the highest level (Level 5 RPP) with Bill Hutchinson at Nature Care College in Sydney in 2003.  Suntara continued his training in the UK in 2004 and 2006 as a one on one apprenticeship with Phil Young and Morag Campbell two of the world's leading Polarity Therapy teachers.

In this training I will teach you the Polarity Techniques that cover 70-80% of what I do in my sessions.  The beauty of Polarity Therapy is that it is so simple and you can be very effective as a therapist after a relatively short time of learning.

After the training you will be able to confidently facilitate a 60-90 minute Polarity Therapy session for your clients.  You will also have knowledge on how to treat specific issues such as back pain, shoulder pain and much more.

You will give (and receive! YAY!).  Many session of Polarity Therapy during the 7 days.  Learning comes from doing but also feeling the techniques being performed on you as well.

Spaces are limited to only 12 committed individuals. Please note that this is an alcohol free, cigarette free, phone free training.

Format of the Training

  • 7 Days Face to Face
  • WhatsApp support group for questions and further learning.


  • Hosted at the Incredible Ocean-side Hot Springs Resort Mimpi Menjangan Resort.
  • Your own room with it's own Hot Spring for some serious chill time each day.
  • Learn the Polarity Therapy techniques that will make you effective quickly.
  • Polarity Yoga
  • All meals and accomodation included.

About Suntara - Daniel Coates

Suntara is one of the worlds leading Sound Healers and Rebirthers. Suntara means “Bringing Light to the Earth” and that is his soul intention with his Sound Healing, Music Rebirthing and Bodywork.

Suntara trained deeply in Polarity Therapy with the best teachers in the world Phil Young and Morag Campbell.  Polarity Therapy remains a strong passion for Suntara and he uses it extensively in conjunction with Rebirthing Breathwork.  Suntara has achieved the level of RPP 5 (Level 5 Registered Polarity Practioner in both Australia and the UK and is an RPT (Registered Polarity Trainer).

The Venue

Mimpi Menjangan Hot Springs Resort
Pejarakan, North West Bali
(3.5 Hours from Bali Airport)
A Stunning Hot Springs Resort right on the ocean. The deeply relaxing effects of the hot pools enhance and support every aspect of the experience.

Training Investment:

For people who have complete my Rebirthing Breathwork Training anywhere in the world:


For Everyone else:


Includes Tuition, Single (Not Shared) Accomodation in a Villa with your own Hot Spring, All Meals and ongoing Whatsapp support group.

To Register for this training please Pay an AUD$1500 Deposit to:
(Australian Bank Account)
Account Holder: Daniel Edward Coates
BSB: 802-985
Account: 513576757
and email me at [email protected] to let me know you are in.

Alternatively you can us WISE transfer to my email address: [email protected]

If you are in the UK or USA contact me for bank details in other currencies.

If you are interested in this training but have questions contact Suntara (Daniel Coates) to set up a Phone Call. 
Contact WhatsApp: +61 425 425 390
or email: [email protected]